Studio Temporarily Closed

Due to the current health risks (COVID-19) surrounding our communities, along with the recent statewide school closings, we have decided to  TEMPORAILY CLOSE our art studio until further notice. 

As a small business, this was a very tough decision to make but we feel it is the best decision to help protect our employees, customers, and also to support/encourage the public to exercise social-distancing during this time of uncertainty.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will keep you updated throughout the week of any changes that may come up. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Thank you for you understanding,

GMAS Staff

UPDATE 3/20/2020

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to so a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has been supporting our small business during this time of uncertainty. We were able to put together close to 90 to-go canvas kits in the last couple of days which has been a huge help for us as we sit a wait till the day we are able to re-open our studio. 

At this time, we have ran out of some of our supplies for the to-go canvas kits. We are going to try to replenish them over the weekend and we will let you know if they become available again. 

My focus now will be to continue dipping and firing pottery pieces for the people that were at our studio prior to our shutdown. We do apologize, as there will be a bit of delay when getting your pieces back as it's been a bit hectic around here with everything going on.

Our studio will remain temporarily closed indefinitely at this point, until Minnesota Governor Walz gives our type of establishment the go ahead to re-open. We will let you know as soon as we know. For next week, I shall be at the studio for pottery pick-ups on Monday 3/23, Wednesday 3/25, and Friday 3/27 from 11am-3pm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email as this will be the best form of contact at this point.

Thank you all for your support and understanding!

GMAS Staff

[email protected]

UPDATE 3/22/2020

Hope all is well with everyone!

We were able to restock our supplies for the to-go canvas kits plus added some new transfer themes! Please view the details below! Due to the HIGH DEMAND for these to-go canvas painting kits, we do ask that customers to please return brushes as soon as they have completed their canvas kits and when it's convenient  for them. We have put a bucket outside our front door for you to easily return the brushes. Again, all the community support is greatly appreciated!

Another way that our customers can help support our business, is by purchasing gift cards now and using them at a later date once we re-open the studio. We will be adding a bonus amount onto each card as a way to say thank you for all of your support!

-Purchase a $30 gift card to get a bonus $5 (Total: $35 on single card)

-Purchase a $50 gift card to get a bonus $10 (Total: $60 on single card)

(*Gift cards can not be split up onto multiples gift cards or to be used on the to-go kits. Offer end at 3pm on Friday, 3/27/2020)

Gift cards must be purchased over the phone and can be picked up during our temporary hours listed or we can hold onto the gift cards and they can be picked up at a later date once we have re-opened.

For this upcoming week, we shall be available at the studio for to-go canvas kits & pottery pick-ups on Monday 3/23, Wednesday 3/25, and Friday 3/27 from 11am-3pm. 

At this time, all events have been postponed for the remainder of March and April. We do plan to reschedule these events for later dates once we are able to re-open but don't have dates put together as of yet due to the COVID-19 situation. We are taking things day by day at this point and this has been hard on our small business. At this time, we would greatly appreciate it if customers could hold off until the rescheduled dates to decide what they would like to do or even by doing a gift card as a refund for these events. If a refund put back to the way you had paid is necessary on your end, please let us know. If you request a refund, keep in mind there will be no guarantee to get your spot back for the event once it is rescheduled. 

We are still at our current location which is across from Target. Our new location will be located at 131 Lake Street N in Forest Lake which we are planning to be moved into the beginning of May.

Thank you!

GMAS Staff

UPDATE 3/28/2020

Effective 3/27/2020 at 11:59pm, the "stay at home" order had been put in place due to the COVID-19 situation in which we must follow with our type of business to help further the limit of social interactions. At this time, we will be unable to offer to-go canvas kits and for any of our customers to pick up their completed pottery projects until the "stay at home" order has been lifted. We will continue to make updates on our website and Facebook once we have more information. Thank you again to all of our customers for your understanding and support as we work through this uncertain situation together.

Thank you!

GMAS Staff

UPDATE 5/11/2020-Finished Pottery Pickups ONLY At This Time

Wowzers! What a busy and surreal past month and a half it has been! We hope all is well for everyone and we appreciate all your patience and support during this time of uncertainty. 

We are now completely moved over to our NEW LOCATION which is located at 131 Lake Street N in Forest Lake (Lakeside/Parking Lot Side Entrance). We know a few of you have messaged us in regards to picking up finished pottery projects and we are happy to announce that we will be able to have scheduled, contactless pottery pickups starting Monday, 5/11/2020. We have taken particular measures to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines to protect our customers and employees health. To schedule for your contactless pottery pick-up (finished), please send us an email to [email protected] We are still working on transferring our phone number to our new location, which is suppose to start working Monday, 5/11/2020. If you are unable to get through calling our phone number (651-982-2866), please send us an email at [email protected] to schedule for your pickup. We will be reaching out to our customers with finished pottery projects via phone shortly, once our phone line is up and operational to schedule for pick up as well.

Pick-up days and times will be the following (temporarily): 

*Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12PM-5PM*

(Please email or call us to schedule your contactless, pottery pick up (finished). Just prior to your scheduled pick-up, we will put your project outside the studio on a table with your name on it for easy pick-up.) 

We are also working on organizing the studio this upcoming week to allow for us to offer to-go canvas kits and/or to-go pottery kits as well to possibly start next week (depending on the stay at home order).


If you have any further questions/concerns, please send us an email at [email protected]

Thank you!

GMAS Staff

To-Go Canvas Kits:

(Starting again 6/1/2020- We will be adding some new themes soon as well!)

-All kits to include the following:

• 12” x 12” Canvas w/Transfer from options shown below

• 5- ramekins of paint (Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black)

• 2- Brushes (1 larger brush & 1 smaller brush)

• 1- Plate used for mixing colors

• Paper (Used to cover work area)

• Color mixing guide

-Pricing: (Special discount pricing has been provided.) 

Phone: 651-982-2866 

(All orders must be placed ahead of time with a card over the phone)

• 1 @ $18 + tax

• 2 @ $34 + tax

• 3 @ $48 + tax

• 4 @ $60 + tax

• 5 @ $70 + tax

(Each additional canvas kit after will be $14 + tax)

Transfer option available:

-Beach             -Brontosaurus

-Butterflies                -Flowers

-Cat                                -Truck

-Owl                               -Dogs

-Tractor                      -Unicorn

-Bunny                      -Football

-Pansies                       -Space

-Sea Turtle & Fish

-Please let us know how many brush sets are needed. Brushes are reusable but do require good rinsing with soap and water to preserve the brush. 


Please give the studio a call to place your order and to give payment prior to pickup. 651-982-2866 

Thank you everyone for the support!


As some of you may have heard around town or seen in the local newspaper, our family has purchased the 131 Lake Street N building located in Forest Lake. We are in the process of remodeling this location to turn it into a family-oriented restaurant & bar called Fireside Getaway which will be on the main level and 2nd level, and are planning to move Glazing Memories Art Studio to the lower level. Glazing Memories Art Studio will be open for business at our current location until Saturday, April 11th. The plan is to be closed for roughly 3 weeks while we move over to our new location. While we are closed, we will continue firing projects in the kiln at our current location and will have specified days/times for pickups. Please check out our April calendar for the specified days/times that we have available for pick ups at 341 12th Street SW in Forest Lake. The last weekend for birthday parties at our current location will be April 4th and 5th. At our new location, we will be able to resume birthday parties on Saturday, May 9th and will have updated birthday party information on our website sometime before the end of March. We are really excited for this new adventure and appreciate all the support we have received so far from the community!

Thank you! 

Matt, Natalie, and GMAS Staff

Glazing Memories Art Studio Gift Cards

Stumped on gift ideas? We have gift cards available for purchase at our studio! You may put any dollar amount on the gift card. Stop by the studio to pick up a gift card for your next upcoming birthday, holiday, or just to say thank you gift idea!

Come Paint With Us!

Glazing Memories Art Studio is a art studio located in Forest Lake, MN. This is an open studio for all ages and skill levels that includes glazing pottery and painting on canvas... so you can just drop in! We also have upcoming events/workshops that includes glazing pottery, step by step canvas painting with an instructor, and other art projects. Come visit us and bring out your creative artist within!


*Studio Fee is $8 per person(covers paints, glazes, supplies, & firing of kiln) plus the cost of pottery and/or canvas.

(You may paint as many pieces as you would like under that one studio fee per person/ per visit)

*Pottery ranges in price from $3 to $60

(Pottery turn around time is usually up to 2 weeks.. could be longer during the busier times.)

Board/String Art Workshops

Glazing Pottery

Glazing Memories Art Studio offers a wide variety of ceramic shapes to choose from and a variety of colors to paint with. With a studio fee of $8 plus the cost of pottery, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank when creating your one-of-kind masterpiece.

Canvas Painting

Glazing Memoires Art Studio also offers canvas painting on a 12"x12" cotton canvas board and a variety of acrylic paint colors to choose from. Studio fees are $8 and a 12"x12" cotton canvas board cost $10 each.

Visit Us!


131 Lake Street N.

Forest Lake, MN 55025


(651) 982-2866

[email protected]

Temporary Hours:

Monday: 12pm-5pm

Wednesday: 12pm-5pm

Friday: 12pm-5pm

(Open studio hours may change due to events & workshops. Please check our events/calendar page for open studio hours and our events/workshops dates and times. Thank you!)