Glazing Memories Art Studio has a party room and offers party plans for your special event! Anywhere from birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, baby shower, bridal shower/bachelorette parties, company parties, school parties, etc. Our party room and studio are available by reservation depending on what your needs are for your private event.

Party Room Packages

Party Room Packages

-Minimum of 8 people-14 people

-$65 Deposit Fee (At Booking Time)

Goes towards:

~Reserving party room for specific date and time slot

~A personalized birthday plate

~GMAS assistant dedicated to your party

~We do some light decorating

~ You may bring in food/cake/beverages/presents

~We help with setup and clean-up

(Does not go towards studio fees or pottery/canvas)

-Must give a 24 hour notice cancellation…. Deposit non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled party

-$8 studio fee for each person plus the cost of pottery/canvas piece

-All pottery must be picked up by party parent

-2 hours in private party room; $30 each additional hour after if available

-Must come into the studio or call to pre-register for party and pay $65 deposit fee

-Party Room Hours:

• Tues-Fri: 12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm

• Saturday: 11am-1pm; 2pm-4pm; 5pm-7pm

• Sunday: 12pm-2pm; 3pm-5pm

*Package A- Party Animal Package ($8/each pottery piece)

-Must pre-order from selection 2 weeks prior to party date

-A selection of 40 party animals to choose from--May choose up to 3 different party animal themes

*Package B- Boxes & Banks Package ($12-$19/each pottery piece…depends on piece)

-Must pre-order from selection 2 weeks prior to party date

-Must pick from selection of boxes/banks--May choose up to 2 different selections

*Package C- Canvas Package ($12/each w/theme or $10/each blank canvas)

-Pick theme from selection 2 weeks prior to party date

*Package D- Custom Package

#1- Pre-order specific bisque 2 weeks prior to party… everyone paints same piece

#2 Reserve room… Everyone picks own piece from stock that is available-prices vary